Chicco Body Lotion Nat Sens 150ml Intl


  • Application Area: Body
  • For Baby Boys & Baby Girls
  • All Day Cream
  • For Dry Skin
  • Lotion Form
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Chicco Natural Sensation is the new line studied to follow a baby’s skin natural development process, as in the mother’s belly. All formulas are inspired by the Vernix Caseosa composition, the natural protection during pregnancy to cleanse, protect and nurture the skin, containing only what he needs. It deeply nourishes baby skin from the very first use, maintaining the right degree of moisturization. It protects and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier while leaving it free to breathe. Leaves the skin soft and scented. Pleasant texture, rapidly absorbed. Non-greasy. It contains Shea butter, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Oil for 24 hr moisturization of the baby`s skin. No parabens, dyes, SLS, SLES, and alcohol-free and clinically tested on sensitive skins; It has an allergen-free fragrance.

  • Deeply nourishes from the outset and keeping it at the right level of hydration
  • Protects and reinforces the natural barrier of the skin while leaving it free to breathe
  • Leaves the skin soft and fragrant
  • Nice texture to apply. It absorbs quickly. Not greasy

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