How Do You Determine Your Skin Tone?

January 31, 2020 2 By Nishant

The skin is the largest organ that is also your most prized asset. Apart from covering your body, it is also your canvas that is presented to the world. Hence, you must know about the skin especially the skin tone. This will come to you handy when you go for makeup or selecting the right attire for you.

When you determine your skin tone, you have to know about the surface colour of your skin and your undertones. The surface colour is the one that you see in the mirror. Based on the pigmentation that your skin has, it will be fair, light, medium, and dark skin tone. However, this surface colour will change based on several things. The skin undertone is the subtle, more muted colour that is found under the skin. The surface colour will change but the undertone stays the same always regardless of anything. In general, we have three undertones and they are warm, cool and neutral. Now you have seen about the surface colour and undertone of your skin, let’s see here how to determine your skin tone.

  1. Check your veins

Check your veins under your wrist. If your colour is bluish-purple, it means cool. If it is Greenish, it is warm. If your veins are bluish-green, then you are neutral.

  • Do you tan or burn?

Those who turn into bronze are warm toned and those who get red are cool. It does not mean that those who are cool cannot tan. It will only be gradual with their exposure.

  • Do you blush easily?

If yes, then you are cool-toned.

  • What colours look good on you?

Colours that are deep and vibrant like blue, purple, and emerald-green are associated with a cool tone. Warm tones will have colours of red, orange, yellow, and olive green. In case, you look good in both the shades, then you are neutral.

  • Try the White Test

Get a plain piece of white paper or bright white towel and put it up by your face. Of course, you should do it without makeup. If your complexion looks dull, you are warm-toned. If you look good, then you are cool. If there is not much difference, you are neutral. In case, your skin appears sallow or yellowish, you are warm; pink or rosy: cool. If it is grey, then neutral.

  • Do you like gold or silver jewellery?

Silver jewellery is best suited in cool tones whereas gold is ideal for warm tones.

  • What colour are your eyes?

Warm tones will have an eye colour of golden brown, green, hazel with gold flecks, and blue eyes. Cool tones will have an eye colour of black or deep brown, steel blue, hazel with grey or blue flecks, and grey.

  • Look behind your ears

Look behind your ears. If it is yellowish, it is warm; pink or rosy means cool. If you can’t determine then you are neutral.

  • Think Basic

Test your skin against basic colours such as black and white and brown and tan. Black and white are ideal for cool and off-whites will suit warm. Cools will like deep brown whereas warm will like softer tans.

From the above, you can easily judge your skin tone. Accordingly, you can choose the makeup or jewelry or attire that will look best on you.