Home Remedies For Tanning

November 8, 2019 0 By Nishant

Sunburn occurs when you get exposed to the sun. UV radiation causes sunburn due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Over exposure causes the body’s protective pigment melanin cannot protect the skin. Other than this, exposure to lamps or welding arcs can also cause such burns. Sunburn makes the living tissues of the skin damaged and the skin becomes blackened or tanned. You will find the results of sunburn show up within thirty minutes of heavy exposure to the sun. People working in the yard, who go fishing or out on the beaches are prone for sunburn. You can even check for the skincare tips online to treat your sunburn.

Every one of us has experienced sunburn at one point of time in our life. It will cause severe discomfort but it is not fatal. When it becomes fatal, then it is called as sun poisoning. Sunburn might also cause skin cancer. It also causes premature aging of your skin. People who live near the equator, those with fair skinned and light haired, those with prior skin injury, sensitive skin, and those who consume antibiotics will get sun burn immediately.

Some of the home remedies for sub burn are as follows:

  • It is ideal to apply Aloe Vera or vinegar on sunburns to get relief from pain and inflammation.
  • Mustard oil should be rubbed on the burnt areas and may be left to dry up. This will take away the heat from the sunburnt areas.
  • Rub on the burn with slices of cucumber as it will have a soothing effect
  • You can add baking powder to the bathwater. This will soothe the skin effectively
  • Use Apple cedar vinegar on the wound and it will heal
  • The Application of lavender oil or peppermint oil on the burnt skill will provide relief.
  • Application of sandalwood paste on the burnt areas would relieve the burning sensation
  • Mix one part of tomato juice with one six-part of buttermilk and apply it to the burnt areas. Wash it away after 30 minutes.
  • Ice companies is an easy home remedy for sunburns
  • Epson salt compress can also relieve symptoms of sunburn
  • Placing grated potato slice on the burns will provide relief. The starch found in the potato will heal the wound.
  • Herbal bath using chamomile or lavender essential oil in your bathing water will provide relief from pain and itching caused because of a sunburn.

Thus, there are several skincare tips that will help you get cured by the sunburn.