Aqua Filler Shampoo


Gently cleanses the capillary structure, hydrates, disentangles, makes hair silky and soft. Reduces the electrostatic effect

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Gentle surfactant agents derived from coconut oil guarantee a deep cleansing, respecting the structure of the hair and the skin.

CITRIC ACID: normalises the pH of the hair, improving its brightness. Formulated without surfactant sulphates (SLS and SLES) and parabens.

Redensifies, hydrates and adds shine

As time passes, hair, like skin, goes through physiological and aesthetic changes. Due to pollution, chemical treatments, poor nutrition, stress and medications, hair thins, gets brittle and dull. Filler offers a rejuvenating, replenishing and enlightening effect.

Active Ingredients

FILLER-TECH: peptide with a plant origin, penetrates the impoverished areas of the hair, filling the individual strands with restorative substances.

FIG EXTRACT: replenishing and polishing effect; restores the right level of hydration needed by hair. Counteracts free radicals and ensures an antioxidant action.




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