Evenswiss Regenerating Plasma


  • Complex with revitalizing and regenerative properties for the epidermis
  • Activates the self-regenerative capacity of skin
  • Regenerates the epidermis

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EVENSWISS® Regenerating Plasma activates the skin’s self-regenerative capacity and revitalises the epidermis; boosting skin regeneration and aiding recovery after cosmetic treatments.

This innovative product contains five-times the usual concentration of the unique DERMATOPOIETIN® peptide complex for promoting skin regeneration and promoting the production of collagen and elastin.

Other natural ingredients include Bearberry (for reducing skin flaws and blemishes), Propolis (a natural disinfectant produced by bees and used to seal the chamber where bee larvae live), Wild Yam (for reducing flaking and restoring suppleness), and Aloe Barbadensis (a.k.a. Aloe vera; for moisturising and healing).

Natural ingredients for naturally healthy skin.




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