Azelia I-Glo Skin Lightening Cream


Vitamin C Tablets for Skin Whiteing, Anti-ageing and Detox.

Estimated Delivery Between 2023/06/09 - 2023/06/10


30 day supply in a convenient one per day capsule. Particularly beneficial for those who prefer not to take multiple capsules or tablets on a daily basis.

What Is Glutathione ?

Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. It is also found in fruits, vegetables, and meats.

People take glutathione by mouth for treating cataracts and glaucoma, preventing aging, treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma, cancer, heart disease (atherosclerosis and high cholesterol), hepatitis, liver disease, diseases that weaken the body’s defense system (including AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome), memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. Glutathione is also used for maintaining the body’s defense system (immune system) and fighting metal and drug poisoning.




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