• Facilitates repairing of damaged hair and loss of hair color
  • Helps to moisturize the hair
  • Helps to prevent hair loss
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The Q-Sera Hair Serum is indicated for premature hair ageing that includes repairing of damaged hair and loss of hair colour.

Role of key ingredients:

  • Acetyl Tetra peptide- 3, Biochanin a having synergistic action- Inhibits 5 α reductase by which prevents miniaturization of hair follicle, stimulate ECM (extracellular matrix) by which improves hair anchoring, reduces inflammation.
  • Milk based Bioactive signaling molecule- vitalizes the scalp cells,
    Inositol & ethyl panthenol- Moisturizes hair & also prevents stress induced hair loss.
  • The expected time of hair Re-growth is within 90-180 days.


Directions of use:

  • Q-Sera Hair Serum is to be applied only on completely dry scalp.
  • Apply 2ml/10 pumps in the morning with fingertips all over the scalp and hair shafts.
  • Don’t wash off for at least 3 hours.
  • For best results, use on a daily basis.

It is recommended not to use any hair oil along with Q-SERA. Q-SERA additionally moisturizes the hair.
It is advisable not to use any other hair products  (hair dye, color etc.) during the treatment periods of Q-SERA.
It is advisable not to go under fan / AC just after applying Q-SERA till it get absorbed through scalp. Generally, a person can go under fan / AC after 10-15 minutes of application of Q-SERA.

Use under Medical supervision.



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