5 Things To Know About Laser Hair Reduction

February 8, 2021 0 By Nishant

Most of us find waxing a terrible and painful thing to do. But we also know hair all over the body looks disastrous and unhygienic. So we have the latest and the best way for permanent hair reduction, i.e., Laser hair reduction. Laser hair reduction is a painless technique that can be an alternative to waxing, shaving, bleaching. You can choose this as an option if you have thick, coarse hair, and too much facial or body hair makes you lose your confidence. Laser hair removal can be done for legs, underarms, hand, bikini line, chin, upper lips.

Five things you should know about Laser hair removal

  1. During laser hair removal, a laser beam is passed through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The heat of the laser destroys the hair follicle, which prevents future hair growth. For people with light skin and dark hair, laser hair removal is effective.
  2. The treatment aims to remove the hair follicle, so you need to shave your unwanted hair before the treatment, laser energy to go directly to the hair’s root, and shaving allows the laser to locate the hair’s pigment follicle, with the strand still in place.
  3. Laser treatments are precise; surrounding areas are not damaged. They are predictable, and there is 100% hair loss after 4-5 sessions.
  4. Recovery and Risks Apply moisturisers for a day or two afterwards, as the treated area of your skin will look and feel like it’s sunburned.
    • Get ready to think about the sun! You should wear sunscreen for a few months to help prevent temporary changes in the colour of the treated skin. Blisters can be seen in people with darker complexions. 
    • Side effects can be swelling, redness, and scarring. Permanent scarring or changes in skin colour are rare.
  5. Costs of Laser Hair Removal: Cost can vary and depend on the number of sessions required, size of the area being treated, Whether a doctor or someone else is performing the procedure.


Laser hair reduction is a comfortable and painless, latest gift to medical science. Aside from more transparent, smoother skin and permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal also boasts benefits, including reducing ingrown hairs and less irritation of the skin. This is because the treatment encourages hair to grow straight,” said skin’s Head of Medical Standards, Lisa Mason. So go for laser hair reduction, it may sound painful, but it is the best way for hair removal.  For some people, it can trigger more hair growth. But you need not to worry, your dermatologist will let you know. Visit Dr’s Point clinic, and we have the best dermatologist in Gurgaon. Fix your appointment now. Visit our well equipped and well-sterilized clinic for the best laser hair reduction.