Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

September 12, 2019 0 By Nishant

Everyone looks forward to having a flawless and radiant skin. Some people visit their dermatologist to get the concerned treatment done while others switch to the concept of home remedies. Internet and social media today is full of home remedies and the skincare tips which are adopted by the ladies at large. But do you know not all these ingredients you find in your house work for you?

Here we are listing are a few things (home remedies and others) that you must never put on your face while following skincare tips:

  • Baking soda:

A number of people suggest baking soda to be a good scrub which helps you clean your skin. However, if you know about the pH balance of the skin, you will find that baking soda is the harshest thing that you would want to use on your face. Thus, you must avoid using it by all means.

  • Petroleum Jelly:

While following the skincare tips, petroleum jelly is another thing that you shouldn’t put on your face. The greatest strength of providing moisture to the skin also comes with great weakness. Petroleum jelly seals in dirt into your skin. Too much of dirt on your face could lead to a number of problems, including breakouts. Use petroleum jelly only on your lips.

  • Sugar:

Sugar is another ingredient that you must not use on your face. The crystals of sugar are very hard that come in sharp edges. These edges can cut your skin and create more dryness into the same. Thus, why put sugar on your face and call for unnecessary skin problem?

  • Toothpaste:

A number of people might suggest you of a skincare tip that can help you get rid of the zits overnight. They would tell you to apply toothpaste on your acne, however, applying toothpaste on your skin is not safe. Toothpaste contains many substances which are considered to be allergens to the skin.

  • Vinegar:
Things Not To Use On Skin

Last but not the least, vinegar, too, is harmful to your skin in many ways. Some people usually suggest using vinegar as a facial toner for the skin. But do you know that vinegar is a very strong acid that can take a toll on the overall texture of your skin? Thus, you must avoid the application of vinegar on your skin in any form.

Skincare tips are okay; however, you must never make the use of above-listed products and ingredients on your face. It is advisable to consult a skin specialist before applying anything on your skin.