What Is The Best Way To Keep Skin Healthy During Winters

January 1, 2020 0 By Nishant

As the cold and dry winter sets in, the first thing that gets affected is your skin. It is very difficult to protect your skin and make it stay healthy.  Your face, hands, and feet will become dry. It is essential to protect your skin from painful flaking, cracking or inflamed skin. You will have to undergo the cold outdoors and warm indoors. The things that you used for the summer season will not work for winter. To moisturize your skin and maintain it healthy, here are some skincare tips for you.

  • Avoid hot showers:

During winter months, you will feel like taking hot showers. But it is not ideal for winter skin. If you don’t want your skin to be affected then go for warm showers. If you take showering, bathing or washing your hands in hot water, it will affect the lipid barriers and your skin will be stripped of its natural oils.

  • Moisturise Frequently:

There are several skincare tips for protecting your skin during winter. You can apply moisturizer by going in for an oil-based moisturizer or ointment. You have to apply this immediately after the shower as your skin has received the water and it will keep the moisturizer locked. Oil-based moisturizers are the best for your skin as it keeps your skin hydrated. During winter, it is not ideal to use creams as well as lotions with fragrances as it will irritate your skin.

  • Attention to your hands:

The skin on your hands is much thinner when compared to other skins in your body. Hence, we wash them very often. It is ideal to wear gloves when you go out. Always use lukewarm water to wash your hands. In case, you get any crack or dry skin don’t pick them.

  • Bundle Up:

It is always ideal to protect your skin and don’t expose it to the weather outside your house. Wear appropriate clothing during winter. In addition to your regular clothes wear hats, gloves, and scarves that will cover up your whole body from the harsh weather.

  • Use SPF:

Even during winter sunscreen are important. Apply SPF 50 sunscreens before going out in the bad winter weather. If you buy a moisturizer that contains SPF then it is ideal as you get both of them at one stroke.

  • Lip Balm:

Your lips will also get affected by cold winter weather. Hence, it is ideal to apply lip balm. Use petroleum jelly based products that have proven to be effective in avoiding dry and cracked lips.

If you follow the above-said skincare tips, you can keep your skin at its best during winter.