Are Laser Treatments Successful In India

January 21, 2020 0 By Nishant

You might be sick and tired of the hair that has grown on your legs and hands. Even if you use a cream or shave it, it often regrows. All these make it difficult and take your time. There are also various factors like waxing or sugaring which snatches the hair at the root. But all these are painful processes. Instead, why don’t you go for laser treatment in Delhi?

Before going for the actual treatment, it is ideal to know about the pros and cons of laser treatment.  Let’s see them here.


  • Though the laser hair removal may not get rid of hair forever, it will reduce the growth of hair to a great extent so that you need not have to think about shaving.
  • Some people may not feel too much pain. But some people will face pain that is less when they get it done by shaving or waxing. Before starting the laser treatment, they will apply ice on the places where it has to be done. When the treatment continues the pain will decrease.

We have seen the pros of this treatment. Now let’s see the cons below

  • This treatment takes a longer time. It also takes several sittings to complete this process which might be 2 to 8 sittings based on the size of the area to be covered. Sometimes you might have to wait for six weeks between treatments.
  • It is bit expensive. That is it might take minimal INR 3000-5000/- for each session. You can only treat it as a beauty treatment.
  • Normally, laser hair removals work on fair skin with dark hair. But it is not that comfortable when we want to do it for dark skin. However, it does not mean that it cannot be done on darker skin. Only you have to ensure that the facility is properly equipped.

Thus, we have seen the pros and cons of laser treatment in Delhi. But remember that you have to consult a dermatologist before going in for the treatment.