One of the top 50 Pharma companies of India, Vogue Pharma is a new century dynamic company established in the year 2008 in New Delhi. With our commitment towards healthier lives, we have been offering world-class quality pharmaceutical products and services especially for chronic disease management. A belief in our vision helps us to brace our calling of becoming something more from yesterday making La Renon the fastest growing company in amongst the top 50 pharma companies of India.

Being one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India, we have always invested in building modern manufacturing facilities to increase our production capacities and meet the growing demand of our products.

Our manufacturing facilities are approved by WHO-GMP as well as the various regulatory bodies of the respective countries we operate in.

All facilities are equipped with advanced automation systems. Contamination and cross contamination prevention through physical and pressure barriers. HVAC system is designed with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with automatic data recording monitors process control like air distribution, temperature, humidity, auto cleaning process, security by interlocking, intelligent access control, auto loading and unloading and Cleaning-In- Place(CIP) & sterilization in place (SIP).

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