Define Your Skin- Photo Facial Therapy A New Reformed Technology

December 20, 2019 0 By Nishant

Science and technology goes hand in hand. It is a fact that in every corner of the world, technology is spreading its roots for the better development of the society. Experts who specialize for skin treatment in Delhi, proclaim that photo facial therapy is extremely beneficial for those who have dark pigments, birthmarks or skin discoloration due to aging.

What is photo facial?

It is a kind of a skin treatment that utilizes technology comprised of light. A laser type light beam is optimized and targeted on the affected surface to boost collagens. It helps in skin lightening and reduces the visibility of wrinkles, dark circles as well as fine lines.

Where do you find photo facial treatment?

There are certain clinics which offer photo facial treatment in Delhi integrating high-tech machineries. These are very well known as medical spas and holistic care centers. However, there are different kinds of photo facials available in the city which targets diverse types of skin texture and its related problems.

Types of photo facials

Photo facial is a type of a skin treatment that is significantly divided into two parts. It isn’t like a regular facial, as it is a light based technology.

Intense pulsed light photo facial

 There is a handheld device that contains a lamp. The light emitted from the machine goes deep inside the innermost layer. It activates the closed pores and charge skin’s epidermis layer. The minor issues can be cured by this kind of photo facial therapy.

What is the process?

IPL i.e. intense pulse light facial treatment has a device that emits detonations of lights. Skin absorbs the light deep inside repairing the broken collagens. However, the cooling device may give heat through light emitting rod. This may develop pain during the process and you need to go for multiple sessions to get the finest result.

LED Treatment

Those who have sensitive skin or have minor blemishes can get rid of or prevent dark spots by LED photo facial treatment.  Experts who execute the respective skin treatment in Delhi say, it is advisable to take the treatment when you find early symptoms of aging or dark spots. The deeper blemishes are, the more sessions will be required.

What is the process?

LED photo facial treatment is painless and that is why it incurs a good price. Usually who have birth marks, pigments under eye or have wrinkles all over the face must opt for this treatment. During the process, patient’s eyes are covered with the non-reflective covered glasses so that LED rays do not harm eyes at all.