Auriga Flavonex Cream

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Auriga Flavonex Cream is the ideal formulation to act against slackening skin on the face and the body. This cream contains soya isoflavones (pure genistein) which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and increases the production of hyaluronic acid contained naturally in the skin. It also helps preserve and improve the density of the skin tissues through the action of phytohormones. The results obtained are convincing, the shape of the face is remodeled, and the skin of the body becomes firmer and more toned.

Key Ingredients:
Soya Isoflavones

Key Benefits:

  • L-ascorbic acid a powerful antioxidant, which can help reverse skin damage from overexposure to the sun, and stimulates collagen production for tighter skin
  • The skin metabolizes by exfoliating and repairing itself as well as by rejuvenating collagen fibers, which helps create tighter skin
  • Ferulic acid helps to slow the ageing process by reducing the effects of damaging free radicals on the skin and also protects the skin against sun damage
  • Hyaluronic acid keeps collagen synthesis up, retains skin moisture, has anti-aging benefits to the skin
  • Makes the skin more supple and resistant to wrinkles and fine lines


Directions For Use:
Take Auriga Flavonex Cream as directed by the dermatologist.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before use
Keep out of the reach of children
Store in cool and dry place
Should be protected from direct light

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