Aveil Eyelift Bright Eyes Serum


· Supports collagen production & elastin
· Increases hyaluronic acid
· Increase glow
· Improves the appearance of wrinkles
· Non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin

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The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on other parts of the body. It can show the earliest signs of premature ageing, particularly without proper care. It is important for any formulation to work all symptoms of imperfections. Aveil Bright Eye Lift Serum is a perfect solution to all problems affecting the skin around the eyes. It is a blend of proven effective ingredients which works as protective, moisturisers, antioxidants, whitener and skin firming agents. The formulation is designed to suit the most sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes. With a unique tightening agent peptide, it starts working on the puffiness instantly within a few hours of first application. Antioxidants help in improving the skin tone and texture of the skin around the eyes.

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Weight15 g



Aveil is a concept in dermatology, which took birth from the changing and unmet needs of the modern dermatologist. It took birth to cater to the needs of the modern skin specialist who wishes to settle for nothing, but the best for his patients. The core value came from the fact that, If the best is not affordable, it has no meaning. The concept took shape in 2008 when there was a boom in cosmetic usage, but unfortunately without the concept of high quality formulations. Most people choose a cosmetic product just based on the fragrance and some should just like the “feel and texture”. Aveil is an attempt to create breakthrough products which are fine blend of organic and chemical free ingredients sourced in their best form to create a range of skin care products aimed at effectively healing providing relief from skin conditions with least or no side effects. Emphasis is on developing a range of paraben free, paraffin free, silicone free products. These products have been developed through the rich experience and insights provided by actively practicing dermatologists and pharma research teams who empathise with the skin conditions caused by current environmental and medical factors and would like to extend relief and benefits of nature’s treasures integrated with medical science findings to the end users. The range has been kept affordable to expand the outreach and benefits of the products to maximum number of users. The idea is to create a skin care experience that will align people with the maximum potential of their naturally healed and protected skin across ailments and skin types.


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