Home Remedies For Dry Skin

November 7, 2019 0 By Nishant

Both men and women dislike dry skin. This will not cause severe ailment, but it will make you feel uncomfortable. It also spoils the overall appearance of a person. The oil and moisture balance of the skin is disrupted which gives rise to a scaly and dull appearance. By providing proper treatment, the normal balance is restored. Exposed parts such as face, arms, legs, and chest are mostly affected as the moisture is lost when you go under the sun. It is also ideal to look of skincare tips online.


The natural glow of the skin gets reduced to a great extent because of the dryness of the skin which can be found through:

  1. Dull and scaly appearance of the skin
  2. Itching of the skin
  3. Feeling of tightness after having a shower
  4. Formation of wrinkles and cracks on the skin


The reduction in the production of oil by the skin causes dry skin. Moisture will also be reduced especially in the cold as well as winter season where the humidity is less.

  1. Deficiency of nutrients and vitamins such as A, B and E
  2. Skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  3. Reduced oil production by the oil glands
  4. Aging
  5. Heredity

Home remedies for dry skin:

Now that we have seen the symptoms and causes, let’s see about the remedies that are available in our home itself. You need to pay a special attention for the dry skin. It is also essential to go through the treatment that is laid for it. Why don’t you try the following home remedies to avoid/treat the dry skin problem.

  • Massage your body with almond oil and olive oil regularly before going to the bed which restores some last glow of skin.
  • Application of a mashed banana on the face and neck will provide the best solution.
  • Yet another way of treating dry skin is to use grape seed oil
  • Your lips can be massaged by using milk cream
  • Trying castor oil as well as avocado oil can be applied in cases of severe dryness and also highly effective.
  • Taking lots of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins is ideal
  • It is also ideal to intake food that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna, etc. Helps in restoring balance.
  • Drinking more water keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.
  • Exercises help in improved blood circulation which reduces dryness of the skin.
  • Alcohol free oil based moisturizers of reputed brand is used and applied ideally.

By following the above mentioned skincare tips, you can get cured of the dryness of your skin very easily. Even beyond that you couldn’t get back your normal skin, then it is ideal to go to a dermatologist.