Which Antibiotic Works Best For Pimples?

September 30, 2019 0 By Nishant

Out of all the skin problems, acne happens to be the most common concern. Severe acne or breakout can knock your door at any age. It will not give you any symptoms. You will wake up one day with acne and then the breakout would continue to occur.

Acne breakout is so severe in some situations that even home remedies do not come to your escape. Thus, the only solution here includes a visit to your dermatologist for proper acne treatment in Delhi. Your dermatologist would generally prescribe you many topical creams and tubes along with antibiotics.

Antibiotics are known to be working on severe breakouts, thereby helping you get rid of them in no time. These antibiotics during your acne treatment in Delhi work by the way of controlling the bacteria present on the skin. This bacteria directly contributes to the development of acne. Antibiotics help you to fight against this bacteria. Apart from this, antibiotics also come with an anti-inflammatory action that helps to reduce the swelling, redness, as well as pain that you may experience because of your breakout.

Generally, antibiotics during your acne treatment in Delhi are used for inflammatory acne. This type of acne is small having pink lumps and bumps and occurs in the form of pustules on the surface of the skin. If your acne is severe, these bumps are larger, deeper, and many appear like cysts and nodules.

Antibiotics gels and lotions:

While you are on your acne treatment in Delhi, your dermatologist recommends you a few antibiotics gels and lotions that are to be applied directly on your skin and left on. These antibiotic gels contain active ingredients such as dapsone and clindamycin. These gels are to be used on a cool and dry face to minimize the chances of irritation.

Antibiotic tablets and capsules:

Apart from gels and lotions, antibiotic tablets and capsules are also suggested by the dermatologist during your course of acne treatment in Delhi. These antibiotics include doxycycline, minocycline, and trimethoprim as the main ingredients. Additionally, erythromycin could be given to the younger patient and the patients who are pregnant. Bactrim is known to be a sulfa antibiotic that is occasionally prescribed by the doctors.

The effect of antibiotics during your acne treatment in Delhi is visible in 6-12 weeks. If one antibiotic doesn’t improve your acne, your dermatologist can increase the dose for effectiveness. Get in touch with your dermatologist if your acne is not sitting down within the said time frame.