Home Remedies to Reduce Pigmentation

August 28, 2020 7 By Nishant

Who does not wish to look beautiful, young, attractive and appealing? Almost everyone does and for this, it is important to have healthy shiny skin with no pigmentation. Pigmentation reduces the overall beauty of the skin as melanin is made by skin and color of the skin becomes dark and dull. Therefore, once you notice this condition, it is highly recommended to get the pigmentation treatment in Delhi from an expert skincare specialist. Along with consult an expert, there are several effective home remedies that help to lower the skin darkness and patches. Timely treatment is required for this condition to avoid any medical condition if not care for a long time. 

Pigmentation treatment can be done easily at home with the help of several remedies, some of them includes –

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a natural de-pigmenting compound that lightens skin. For better result apply it before bedtime, rinse with warm water in the morning and repeat this to get improved skin color.

Apple cider vinegar: This contains acetic acid that when combined with lukewarm water and repeated twice daily helps to get beautiful healthy skin.

Red onion: This is an important ingredient that removes scars and used in skin lightening creams. Allium cepa contained in it removed pigmentation and keeps the skin shiny and spot-free.

Green tea extracts and black tea water: Green tea extracts can be applied directly to the skin as it lightens the effect. In addition, the use of black tea water twice a day has proven pigmentation treatment in Delhi at home.

Milk: Use buttermilk, milk or even sour milk to lighten the skin complexion as it contains lactic acid that heals the entire skin. For better result use milk daily and rub with cotton over the damaged skin.

Tomato paste: As per a study, tomato paste is rich in lycopene that helps to keep skin protected for long-term from any photodamage. For this, apply 55 grams of tomato paste with olive oil for 12 weeks have proven results.

All such home remedies help to get healthy skin with regular use and stay away from pigmentation. If the situation is worst and you get unsatisfied results, consult a skin specialist for pigmentation treatment in Delhi. An expert will provide details on factors that cause skin pigmentation and provide medical treatment with the use of medicines or natural herbs, oils, and remedies. Skincare experts suggest combination of these remedies along with medicines for better results.