Chicco Bath Shampoo Nat Sens Intl

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  • Ideal for cleaning in a single gesture the skin and hair of children with the utmost gentleness.
  • Respects the delicate skin of children leaving it pleasantly scented.
  • Cleanses the subtle and delicate hair leaving it soft and easy to comb child.
  • The ingredients of the formula were selections carefully balanced and used in concentrations ensuring an ideal cleansing for the baby’S sensitive skin while providing a delicate action.
  • It easily rinses.
  • Does not irritate the eyes.
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Chicco natural sensation is the new line studied to follow a baby’s skin natural development process, as in the mother’s belly. All formula’s are inspired by the vernix caseosa composition, the natural protection during pregnancy to cleanse, protect and nurture the skin, containing only what he needs.

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